5 coffee products to get you through 2020


Ember Mug 2

 You have an app for everything. Do you have an app that allows you to keep your coffee at a precise temperature all day long? No? Do you see where we’re going here? The Ember Smart Mug you see is no run-of-the-mill pedestrian mug. This mug enables you to monitor and precisely control the temperature of your coffee, using an app on your phone. We may not have flying cars, but ladies and gentlemen, you can now control your coffee’s temperature using an app on your phone. Welcome to 2020.


Ember Travel Mug 2

Commute and meetings can be a drag. Cold coffee meant to be hot is arguably worse. The Ember Travel Mug 2 has the same tech as the Ember Mug 2 with the addition of being able to control and monitor the temperature of the coffee on the mug itself. This new version also features a 50% increase in battery life with up to 3 hours of power when taken off of the included charging base. We can’t promise that this mug will make your travel or meetings that could have been emails more bearable, but at least your coffee will be hot and ready to be devoured. 


RJ3 Cold Brew Coffee Maker

More of a cold brew coffee drinker? Not particularly my cup of tea (err coffee), but I get it. Cold brew coffee is 70% less acidic than heat brewed coffee, and if you live in a warmer climate, it really can be a way to get your daily fix without self-inducing a heavy sweat session. The RJ3 makes coffee concentrate in 12-24 hours depending on taste preference and can be stored for up two weeks for freshly made cold brew always at your disposal. 


Chemex pour-over glass coffeemaker

If simplicity is a significant factor for you, then the Chemex coffeemaker is a total no-brainer. Take ground coffee, grab a Chemex coffee filter, and pour hot water and minutes you’ll have a perfect cup of coffee. Need we even mention that the design will get you some coffee shop hipster cred?



Portability? Check. Smooth non-bitter tasting coffee? Check. Easy to clean and makes you look like an actual coffee enthusiast? Check and check. The AeroPress is the new-age french press but without the long steep time and the annoying cleanup. Keep it at home or bring it with you in your everyday carry and always be ready for a great cup of coffee. If anything on this list was indeed a necessity, we think this is it. 

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