FoodFights Guide to Success

by Lance Roylo

Everyone knows the saying that “A picture is worth a thousand words.” With that understood, a beautiful picture of your goods is a stamp of approval and the ultimate social validation. Our novel approach to user-generated content is something wholly unique to the food space. Users are encouraged to visit food establishments they enjoy and take the best photos they can of what they’ve ordered. Due to the gamified nature of the app, it is in the users’ best interest to take the absolute best photo they can of YOUR items to get in-app achievements. Everyone loves to win; in this case, they win when they take beautiful pictures of your goods.
As a small business owner, how can you encourage more FoodFight users and foodies to visit your business? In this FoodFights for business owner’s guide, we’ll break down some simple steps to get you on the path to success on FoodFights.


Set up a FoodFights account
  • Download the FoodFights app on any iOS device (iPhone 7 and newer).
  • Open the app and tap SIGN UP
  • Sign up with your Facebook login by clicking on the “Sign Up with Facebook” button or sign up using an email address.
  • Choose your unique handle, enter your businesses’ website, and use the bio section to write any pertinent information about your business.
  • Tap Save.
  • Click on the empty profile picture and select an image from your photos album.


Make a beautiful business profile.
Now that you have a business profile, you’ll be able to post images taken by you or the staff of your goods. As an operator, this is YOUR opportunity to showcase your products. Just as you want customers to have a stellar experience at your business, you want them to have an equally stellar experience while coming across your FoodFights profile.
Make sure you enter all your business’s information and that it is correct. Consider adding a website address if you have one. FoodFights is a photo-based app, which means that you have an opportunity to outshine your competition. Try adding 5-10 high-quality photos that show off your goods to start and build a posting strategy (we’ll get into this later).


Encourage FoodFight users to your business
Now that you have a business profile page on FoodFights, now is a great time to encourage users to visit your business. Show off your newest offerings on your page and encourage users to come in and try it. Hold contests that can further entice users to come in for a visit. Nothing is as powerful as a beautiful picture taken by a customer who genuinely loves your business and is giving their stamp of approval by creating a beautiful image of your goods and publishing it to FoodFights. Social proof is king.


Let People know you’re on FoodFights
Let the world know you’re on FoodFights. Send out an email, update your other social media profiles and get your staff involved. FoodFights is an independent app for foodies by foodies to help business owners like you.


Be Responsive to customer comments and inquiries
If you get positive comments on a photo you’ve taken or on a picture a user has taken of your goods, make sure to let them know that you genuinely appreciate their business. Although FoodFights is a place for positivity, you may encounter the occasional negative comment. If this occurs, it’s crucial to respond sincerely. Remember, it can take a long time to create a devoted customer, and it can take one ill-mannered response on any online platform to lose that customer forever.


Commit to a regular posting schedule
You get out of it what you put in. With a little bit of effort every day, you can differentiate your offerings from your competition. Once you start building a following on FoodFights, your fans will expect to see pictures from you regularly. The goal is to keep your business top of mine. When they are in the mood for the type of food you sell, you want to be the first and only thought they have. Additionally, users may stumble upon your profile and become so impressed that they soon become customers. Start posting and optimize for time and style based on engagement and feedback.
FoodFights is a free app and comes at no cost to you. The FoodFights audience is hungry and loves sharing what they’re eating. FoodFights was built to spread the love of food and the culture that goes with it. Without business owners like you, we’d have no reason for our app.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out by emailing me at

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