With a plethora of boba choices on Oahu, which ones are a must for those who need a bubbly pick-me-up. Here’s a shortlist of some of our favorites. 

Tiarra Evans


If you live or ever find yourself in New York and need of subsistence in brunch form, what places come to mind? Take your time; there are some great ones out there like Upland, the amazing coffee at Joseph Leonard, or maybe the dim sum at Asian Jewels. The choices are endless. On this cold afternoon, we decided on a classic. The Sarabeth’s near Central Park on Madison Ave. is New York brunch in the most traditional of ways.

Sarabeth’s was founded by Sarabeth Levine in a bakery-kitchen in 1981 and quickly blossomed into 5 locations throughout New York, and other sites have since popped up around the world. Since 1983, this Madison Avenue location has been a staple for its legendary brunch menu. The interior has class written all over it. It’s interior is classically beautiful with the front side consisting of mostly large windows that let the natural light in making it a perfect setting for catching up with friends and enjoying some of the best brunch items the city has to offer.

After our initiation into brunch time via mimosas and bloody mary’s, we scoured the brunch menu. We landed on the Classic Eggs Benedict, which is an obvious no-brainer, the Fat and Fluffy French toast, and something new to us called Popeye Eggs. The staff was friendly and attentive, and after a short wait, we were served our dishes. Everything served was beautiful. After the photo session with everyone’s plates, we dug in.

The eggs benedict was classic in every way. The eggs were poached to perfection, and the Canadian bacon was thick but not dominating in flavor as too often is the case with eggs benedict. The English muffin was as expected from a company that started as a bakery, airy and delicious.

The french toast was the real eye candy of the bunch, and the taste did not disappoint. It was sweet without being “too sweet” and didn’t make you immediately start planning out when you’re going to have your midday crash. It was light, fluffy, and had the perfect texture. Learning towards savory breakfasts and brunches than sweet, I’d have to admit I was a little jealous that I didn’t pick the french toast.

So what the hell are Popeye eggs? Well, after reading the menu, it’s not as off the wall as the name would suggest. It’s scrambled eggs, English muffin, country ham, sautéed spinach, and marinated tomatoes. It’s nothing fancy, but every element is done with perfection. The scrambled eggs were light and fluffy, and the sauteed spinach and marinated tomatoes brought this otherwise very everyday sounding dish to another level.

Brunch ended with another round of brunch cocktails, and we discussed what we’re getting on our next visit. If you ever find yourself paralyzed by the sheer amount of choices of brunch spots in the city, remember that there’s probably a Sarabeth’s location near you, and trust us, you can’t go wrong with that.

Must try

Classic Eggs Benedict, Fat and Fluffy French Toast, Popeye Eggs

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NEW YORK, NY 10128


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